Karkar-Yuri mo hiymon-sorasor buk hom non

There are seven Karkar-Yuri speaking villages that also have an Elementary School.
The Abau Project has developed a series of schoolbooks that can be used in Elementary Prep, Elementary One and Elementary Two.

These books are based on the work done by SIL Fieldworkers, Dorothy Price and Veda Rigden.

In Elementary Prep only Karkar-Yuri is used. In Elementary One and especially in Elementary Two a transition is made to the English language.

The overview below shows the covers of the various schoolbooks that are in stock and for sale.
Headings show in what year of the Elementary School the books on display need to be used.
A number of Teacher Guides are available.

Sale price per copy is indicated. These Karkar-Yuri school books can be purchased at the Abau Training Centre in Yabru village.
The Abau Training Centre accepts valid Education checks from the Sandaun Provincial Government.
For questions on curriculum contents, write to Arjen Lock, Linguist and Education Specialist Arjen_lock@sil.org.